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Do good things, good fortune returns

By 4D Insider

Do you guys believe,if we do something good,we will get good returned. I did not expect such a thing would happen to me, but it really happens to me,a small fortune bump into me.Let me happier & feel this world is full of hope.

The story is like that,recently my ex colleagues received a project, we do the project together ,although the working stress are high, but eventually we successfully completed.More importantly, after completion of project we also successfully received the full payment. The profit margin for this project is quite high & personally i'm very satisfied with it.

I intend to celebrate with my girlfriend, plan a short trip to Singapore to celebrate it, but my girlfriend proposed me how about take some earning money to do some "Charity", take out 10 percent of earning money donate out to help those in need.Thats sure will be more meaningful.

I totally agree for my girlfriend opinion, recall back so many years ,im only focusing in finding money, spent for cars,houses & buy luxury things, life looks great,but in fact inner part of me still feel empty.

Cars ,houses ,branded things is just outer part satisfaction. It will fade away one day; but if inner happiness,it stay longs. Inner happiness comes when we help more people who need help.

So i donate some of my profit to orphanage & old folks home.After donation i get the receipt, the receipt number look nice, i buy the number in ,very strange the receipt number let me win in 4D Special Prize, although not much money,only a few thousand ringgit, but such Happiness very rare & can last very long.

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