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4dpick.con 已经加入了Slot & Live Casino 游戏, 无时无刻随时随地都可以赢取丰富的奖金了。 豪龙万字天天开, 幸运号码天天买,大额大款秒套现,快来试试您的运气。


  1. Age requirement?

    To join you need agree to the Terms & Conditions and be at least 18 years old or above. Most countries have their own rules regarding online gaming and so you must make sure you're aware of any regulations and adhere to their rules.
  2. How do I make a withdraw?

    Login with your current account, go to Withdraw on the user menu. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and select your bank account. We will use instant transfer to your bank account; you should receive within 10 minutes.
  3. How can I be certain that 4DPick will pay us?

    We are not individual that owning this business but rather we are an organization that have multiple businesses running. We have also happy customer who had received our money without issues.
  4. Is my personal information secure?

    We will makes sure that your details are secure all of the time. We use the best quality security measures Secure Socket (SSL 128 bit encryption Standard) and is stored in secure operating environments that allow customer making payments online has never been safer. We will not disclose your personal information to any third party.
  5. Forget username or password?

    If you forgot your username, please contact our customer service assistant. If you forgot your password, please go to here to reset your password.
  6. What are the supported currencies?

    MYR - Ringgit Malaysia
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